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About Chef Alisha

Chef Alisha Wilder began her cooking career as a restaurant manager in North Carolina, serving customers across the Piedmont Triad. Her love for cooking started to grow and ignited a deep desire to attend culinary school.  In 2016, she received her Culinary Arts degree from Harrison College, formerly known as the Chef’s Academy.  Formal training and a passion for preparing good food led Chef Wilder to establish Fresh Desires Catering.  Founded with the ultimate food experience in mind, Fresh Desires ensures quality food, prepared with excellence and unforgettable palette-pleasing flavors. Within an ever-changing yet innovative and evolving industry, Chef Wilder is committed to staying abreast of and mastering her knowledge of dairy-free, gluten-free, vegetarian/vegan, and plant-based diets.


She provides an all-inclusive food experience accommodating allergies, dietary restrictions, and client preferences. Chef Wilder has been contracted to provide food service for weddings, birthday celebrations, baby showers, graduations, and more.


Customers have noted Hennessy wings and infused syrup, 5 cheese mac, vegetarian meatloaf, and creamy shrimp and grits among their favorites!


Step into the Wilder side of food and allow Chef Wilder to cater to your next event.


Work with Alisha

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